My hidden side..Behind strong smiles..

Stuck In A Void

Clouds are prevailing all over sky, and rain has brought down tears, Grave Silence! If whole world is dead? not even one live sound I can hear. Absorbed by the darkness, deep inside me, Today, I want to cry, Bcz... Continue Reading →

I won't be a nurturer, anymore. I will be an assassin; who would slit your throat, dare you cross your line.

"You sparked the fire which burned my soul..."

That Stranger..

Her life threw many terrible choices, Roads she traveled were damaged and dry, She summoned her courage, all of which was left, With pieces of her broken trust, Her soul crushed. But yet she tried, To continue the miserable journey... Continue Reading →


How can people pretend to forget the reason behind your sadness when you lose someone or some relation? They deliberately poke your wounds over and again by asking 'why are you sad?', 'Is your sadness going to make up for... Continue Reading →

‘Dear, just hang in there’

The days are not getting any easier. Something reminds you of someone and before you even realize, you are dreamily living your past life. No matter how honestly you convince yourself, somewhere deep down, you feel ripped off. As if... Continue Reading →

One Valuable Lesson I have learnt

There come times in your life when you realize people around you does not always give you the best advice. And, it is during those times when you need to develop rock-solid faith in yourself. The times when you break... Continue Reading →

Show Me A Way

I am lost, In my own thoughts, Of finding out what's right, Lost in a world, Where expectations are superior than humanity itself, Where no body cares, Of your pain, of your tears...all in vain.. I am lost, In a... Continue Reading →

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