My hidden side..Behind strong smiles..

You cannot turn bad and evil in this world into good in a month, a year or maybe your entire life.. However you can still make a difference.. And that is only what every one of us needs to strive... Continue Reading →


A popular thought I've recently realized: One must never take love for granted... For it is the only thing in the world, that cannot be bought, dictated or even begged for..

Everyday’s Choice..

Day turns sour and with that our behavior, Moments later, decency & courtesy are left behind, Pointing out at reasons outside our 'self', We look for every excuse which one can possibly find...   To pretend blameless, is an easy... Continue Reading →

Intersections in the Way..

At unusual occasions in our life, we feel hopelessly exhausted. Despair fills the vacuum which is result of absence of desire. For once you feel more deep, more alone and more weak. All the voices you hear, of your loved... Continue Reading →

Risk in Equation

We all love the feeling of assurance about our future, we all like to be prepared. So we plan! Almost each and every phase of our life, by predicting every possible detail so there's nothing too abrupt to handle. No... Continue Reading →

Discover Yourself!

Job, family, friends, society, and all other worldly relations, You play numerous roles, on the Shakespeare stage, At times content, some times irritate, With practice, you develop your variations. Every tick in the clock, with each breath used, moment by... Continue Reading →

Beats & Notes

Some moments with him/her carries strangest emotions.. Intense, deep and pure.. and sometimes, amoral as per society, you think.. Its not friendship, not merely attraction and certainly not love, too complex to describe in words, but simple enough to feel..... Continue Reading →


Don't give up! Till you are alive, You are hurt, I know, But it's all right, You can cry on my shoulder, I won't mind, I am here beside you, For the whole night. Try to feel, then forget, It... Continue Reading →

To love you was my choice; To leave me was yours; Though I hate being destroyed; But, I won't have any grudge against you, my dear.

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