My hidden side..Behind strong smiles..

Discover Yourself!

Job, family, friends, society, and all other worldly relations, You play numerous roles, on the Shakespeare stage, At times content, some times irritate, With practice, you develop your variations. Every tick in the clock, with each breath used, moment by... Continue Reading →


Beats & Notes

Some moments with him/her carries strangest emotions.. Intense, deep and pure.. and sometimes, amoral as per society, you think.. Its not friendship, not merely attraction and certainly not love, too complex to describe in words, but simple enough to feel..... Continue Reading →


Don't give up! Till you are alive, You are hurt, I know, But it's all right, You can cry on my shoulder, I won't mind, I am here beside you, For the whole night. Try to feel, then forget, It... Continue Reading →

To love you was my choice; To leave me was yours; Though I hate being destroyed; But, I won't have any grudge against you, my dear.

To God; With Love

O Mighty Merciful God! Make me gentle enough, so I can feel others, even being numb. Make me strong enough, so I can laugh, even when my bones break. Make me wise enough, so I never punish the innocent. Give... Continue Reading →

Stuck In A Void

Clouds are prevailing all over sky, and rain has brought down tears, Grave Silence! If whole world is dead? not even one live sound I can hear. Absorbed by the darkness, deep inside me, Today, I want to cry, Bcz... Continue Reading →

I won't be a nurturer, anymore. I will be an assassin; who would slit your throat, dare you cross your line.

"You sparked the fire which burned my soul..."

That Stranger..

Her life threw many terrible choices, Roads she traveled were damaged and dry, She summoned her courage, all of which was left, With pieces of her broken trust, Her soul crushed. But yet she tried, To continue the miserable journey... Continue Reading →

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