Walking on the road of experiences, one quickly learn how to present oneself to this world. Cz it isn’t a choice, but necessity for survival. And during this journey, one often forgets his/her true self, originality of heart and purity of mind. One day, in the middle of usual happenings, you realize how constraints of this society has turned you into someone your never wanted to become.

That day is your rebirth…feel it…as deep as you can…and find your hidden side which got lost somewhere while mastering the grand rules of this fake society.

My day had come and I could sense the loss. I was trying hard to become the perfect one to please everyone and avoid severe conflicts. That day, I had an epiphany and realized how I am ditching myself. I decided to always acknowledge my true self so that I would never forget who I am. But, in the world, full of masked souls, you would not want to risk your existence.

So here I am. 

This is all the foolish, useless but honest version of my mind & soul.

This is hidden me....