Day turns sour and with that our behavior,

Moments later, decency & courtesy are left behind,

Pointing out at reasons outside our ‘self’,

We look for every excuse

which one can possibly find…


To pretend blameless, is an easy way out,

But can you tell yourself if it is a lie?

That every word, every action,

each response and reaction

was consciously chosen by your own distressed mind…


We often mistake, in our ignorance & haste,

That our assets will create a path for peace,

Peace is not in the path,

Peace is in your heart,

The only place, where the search has to be…


From troubled souls of this chaotic world,

If you can bring someone an innocent smile,

Lend your hand to help,

over picking up a fight,

Can be genuine and modest,

instead of cunning or vile,

Can make a positive conscious choice,

every single time,

That’s enough to live a contended & worthy life…