Job, family, friends, society,
and all other worldly relations,
You play numerous roles, on the Shakespeare stage,
At times content, some times irritate,
With practice, you develop your variations.

Every tick in the clock, with each breath used,
moment by moment, life slips away,
In this chaos, we often mistake,
what we want & what we should,
along with others, we follow the mad race..

Close your eyes, look deep to find,
Some answers and their questions,
Be mindful, then sift through mind,
Discover yourself, cz only you know,
about your dreams, your passion,
Only u can tell when you’re ecstatic,
or the time when you feel depression.

Gather some strength, throw this mask,
Why so afraid to look at your face?
search your soul and try to trace,
That light, so bright,
which is called ‘life’,
your true and pure form,
the one you must embrace.

And if you are trying, and there’s nothing you find,
Don’t let it add to frustration,
Not everything is meant to be discovered,
So…how about some innovation?