My hidden side..Behind strong smiles..

Falling in love is such a tiring adventure..


It’s Complicated

I know I am falling for you, But certainly don't want to, I know I notice little things, But I hate myself to do so, I know I think you in my dreams, But I am too afraid to accept,... Continue Reading →

Love...? It's a beautiful game .

New Year’s Resolution

Next year has started and as always, we celebrate it with all zest and zeal. We make plans, resolutions and commitments to ourselves and others about many different things we want to focus on. With every passing day, most of... Continue Reading →

No matter how much I try, I am constantly failing to love the devilish soul of yours....


The days ain't getting any easier! Something reminds you of someone and before you even realize, you are virtually living your past life in your head. No matter how honestly you convince yourself, somewhere deep down, you feel ripped off.... Continue Reading →

‚ÄčEven after reading volumes of literature, about love & betrayal,¬† You still dared to fall in Love..

Love me or leave me, Distrust me or believe me, You are oblivious, how much I love you, Please say today, that you love me too..

I wish I could forgive you, Wish I could love you again.. Or atleast if I could forget you, And release myself, from this unbearable pain..

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